Why SPN Private Training

Why SPN Private Training

Calabasas Private Sessions | SPN Pilates

If your preference is a more 'individual specific' workout or if you just want to learn more about the machine & exercise before jumping into classes, a SPN Pilates Private Session is perfect for you! Our experienced trainers are able to cater a training plan specifically to your goals and necessary modifications. In a private session, we look at flexibility, past injuries, everyday life movement (i.e. do you sit at a desk during the day?), and specific fitness goals to conduct a program. We incorperate both Pilates & Strength Training into your program, so you will be able to have a dynamic, individualized workout. Please call for appointment times and availability. 



Pre/Post Natal

During this major life changing event let us help you and your baby. We are certified & can be with you through every trimester preparing your body for this major change. After the birth we can help you step by step to get you back into your previous workout routine safely. 

Privates are recommended & we will customize each class just for you! Call for more information.