Why SPN Pilates

Why SPN Pilates

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Want to burn up to 600 calories in just an hour? Then SPN Pilates in Calabasas is for you! Our unique, fast-paced program puts a spin on traditional Pilates by combining strength training with calorie-blasting cardio. You'll quickly see results with long, lean, toned muscles and a stronger, tighter core.

What makes this Pilates program so effective is that every workout incorporates the total body and strengthens and lengthens your muscles. This results in an overall increase in lean muscle, without the excess bulk, which increases your resting metabolic rate (RMR). An elevated RMR means you'll burn more calories throughout the day turning your body into a fat burning machine. That's only one of the benefits of pilates!

The SPN Pilates program is a high intensity, total body workout that maximzes the number of calories burned. So many in fact, your body has to dig into fat stores to replenish oxygen, a phenomenon known as Excessive Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). This allows your body to continue to burning calories hours after your workout is finished!

So, why SPN Pilates and not the gym? Brianne, the owner of SPN Pilates, has not had a gym membership in over 5 years. Although she can't speak for everyone (her story is unique because of a major accident, but everyone's story is unique) she offers insight into why pilates has worked for her.

• Consistency - Pilates motivates me to be consistent in my workouts. I never went to the gym on a regulare basis and found myself always coming up with an excuse why I couldn't workout.

• Boredom - At the gym I was  sick of doing the same routine over and over, and I constantly watched the clock while I was working out. Pilates has introduced variety and excitement into my workout.

• Accountability - With a gym workout I only had to answer to myself and it was never enough. Attending a pilates class gives me accountability through an instructor and others in the class. Trust me, when you come here, you WILL make friends and they WILL keep you coming.

• Results - Most importantly, I never saw the results. Pilates has given me the results I've always wanted.

The bottom line, SPN Pilates in Calabasas is fun and you meet amazing people!  I look forward to my 55 minute class, and since it's such an amazing workout I've achieved the results I've always wanted which is the best motivator of all!

Our experienced pilates instructors can always modify exercises to accommodate any injuries or special physical needs. If you have any questions about the workout or the equipment, just ask. We're happy to help.

At SPN Pilates we offer 3 class styles that are appropriate for all levels.

Pilates | Sculpt

SPN Pilates | Sculpt classes incorporate whole body training with a cardiovascular component, which focuses on overall strength endurance. Utilizing Pilates principles combined with more vigorous strength and cardiovascular techniques. Perfect for all levels of training with a goal on overall total body fitness. 

Pilates | Straps

SPN Pilates | Straps classes are for those interested in a more traditional Pilates experience this is the class for you. The class focuses on the true principles of Pilates such as core engagement and mind body connection. Expect to slow things down, use the reformer while lying down/kneeling and of course lots of straps work! 

Pilates | Restore 

SPN Pilates | Restore classes incorporate whole body strength training with a focus on body awareness. Utilizing some traditional Pilates principles as well as Yoga and strength training; this class improves flexibility, balance/coordination, and strength. Perfect for clients new to the studio who need focus on form or for anyone needing a recovery day after a more intense Pilates | Sculpt or Pilates | Fusion class.