Pilates  Instructor -MARIANNA RICCIO

A third generation, fitness and natural food enthusiast, Marianna Riccio continues her family legacy healthy living as an AFAA certified exercise instructor/health coach and multi-media spokesperson: “Treat yourself; Don’t cheat yourself because health is wealth.” M.R. Marianna has always been full of life, energy, and a zeal for life! Therefore, her mother put Marianna in a tap class at age 3, and that was the start of Marianna’s love of dance, music, and the arts, thus being trained in classical ballet, hip-hop, tap, jazz, contemporary, acrobatics, and aerial pole. As a pre-teen, she had worked professionally as a dancer/singer for Disney and later performed in music videos for current artists.

In high school, Marianna endured a severe multi-fracture to her ankle from competitive cheerleading. The doctor warned her that she’d never be able to dance again like she used to, but with persistence, optimism, therapeutic stretches and exercises (similar to reformer moves at SPN Pilates), Marianna got back on her pointe shoes. 

Marianna has always remained steadfast in her passion of helping others feel great! “Helping people gives me as much joy as eating ice cream….and I LOVE me some ice cream.” It has been proven that a well-balanced exercise class releases endorphins within our body, exuding a feeling of happiness. This “happiness” was a feeling Marianna instantly grasped onto as a client at SPN Pilates. “The reformer is the best of its kind! Having taken other pilates classes at various studios, I felt like Spn’s 3 various classes offered a seamless amount of variety.” With her drive and zeal for life, Marianna always looks at the glass half full, not half empty. Her motto is… “If we are optimistic and persistent in our goals, we will never be dehydrated, our dreams always quenched and our bodies drenched with love.”


Favorite foods?

Favorite Dessert?
~Ice Cream

Favorite Hobbies?
~Dancing, Acting, Hiking, Going to the beach; really anything that has to do with nature and the outdoors!