Lisa Inouye

Pilates & Cycle Instructor - Lisa Inouye

Lisa holds an advanced certification on all Pilates apparatus from Stott Pilates. She has over 20yrs experience as a certified independent personal fitness trainer.

Over the years, Lisa has worked with a wide variety of clients and students ranging from elite level athletes to novice weekend warriors, including sports specific conditioning to corrective muscle sequencing.

Lisa's road to an active lifestyle began at an early age, as a high level competitive figure skater in Vancouver Canada. Upon retiring from the ice in her 20's, Lisa channeled her energy into the pursuit of endurance sports. Currently, she is a 9 time Ironman triathlon finisher, including the World Championships in Kona 2004, and a 2nd place age group finish at Ironman Malaysia. Lisa Is passionate about the contemporary approach to Pilates because the exercises are  cohesive with modern biomechanics, rehabilitation and athletic performance enhancement. No longer the snoring-boring workouts...