Brianne Anderson

Owner/Pilates Instructor - Brianne Anderson

A life-long fitness enthusiast, Brianne has 13 years of training in classical ballet, jazz, modern and tap dancing and was an active ballet company member for years. A life-threatening jet ski accident at age 16 put her in a wheelchair on and off for two years, and she subsequently underwent 11 surgeries and countless hours of physical therapy to recover. 

Brianne was lucky enough to have discovered Pilates while she was recovering. The workout was safe enough on her joints that she could re-gain her muscle strength and rehabilitate her body.

For the last seven years, she's been practicing classical Pilates, as well as modified versions of Pilates. However, since she cannot run or do any type of high-impact exercise due to her injury, she has had to find alterative ways maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Pilates and indoor cycling (especially when combined together) have allowed her to be in the best shape of her life. “I truly am a living testament to the amazing benefits of cardio-based Pilates workout,” she says.

Brianne is a certified SPX® Pilates instructor, as well as a certified Spinning® instructor and is in the process of obtaining her NSCA certification. Her many years of traditional ballet training taught her about body alignment and the importance of form which she constantly uses when instructing Pilates.

Nutrition is also a large part of her life, as she truly believes that working out is only half the battle. It is this philosophy that has inspired her to incorporate nutrition into the SPN Pilates studio, so that others can truly change their lives and their bodies both inside and out.